Valve Machining Services

Haas Machine supplies a complete array of valve machining services. Where applicable, all of our cast iron head valve jobs include:



We specialize in aluminum and import cylinder heads, and we have an AXE spray washer dedicated to cleaning only those aluminum parts. Also we have recently purchased a Do-all magnetic grinder to grind valve pucks on overhead cam cylinder heads. This allows us to easily adjust valves on puck type engines. Additionally, we have a Peterson small head assembly bench which allows us to work easily on all late model aluminum cylinder heads.


In addition to complete valve machining services, Haas Machine offers the following head services:


We also specialize in industrial cylinder heads, installing injector tubes, guides, and valve seats. When performing valve jobs or installing valve seats on industrial heads we take great care to properly set valve protrusion and recession. This operation can be performed to extreme precision on our Serdi valve machine.


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