Engine Block Repair & Reconditioning


Block Reconditioning

The block department at Haas Machine has a wide array of block reconditioning equipment. Our machines include one CNC controlled model F5B Rottler and two Van Norman boring bars. These machines have bore capacities ranging from 1.875 inches up to 8.5 inches and a cylinder length of 17 inches. This length capacity gives us the ability to work on many large blocks such as large two cylinder John Deeres which many other shops cannot do (some of these jobs are also pictured in our "Antiques" section).

Cylinder Sleeve Installation

On these machines we also install cylinder sleeves of all sizes, using the step type method of installation. Although this method is slightly more expensive, it is vastly superior to the non step type method that many shops employ. We can install one sleeve or an entire set depending on the application or if the customer attempting to save a rare or antique block. We also install upper and lower repair sleeves and recut upper counter bores. Most upper and lower repair sleeves are off the shelf items, but we can also custom manufacture these for special applications. Our block department also offers boring and sleeving of assembled engines, a method many customers prefer over disassembling an entire engine. We can perform this service on in line engines if space in the unit permits. This in frame service is expensive, but often less expensive than removing the engine from the vehicle.


Honing and Boring


We use a Peterson power hone to plateau most blocks that we bore. This power hone, as well as our brush hones, are used to deglaze and crosshatch blocks that do not need to be bored. This hone has an oil recirculation system that carries away honing grit as the block is being honed and provides a superior surface finish.


Our Tobin Arp align boring machine can do work on blocks up to five feet long. We can align bore blocks, install sleeves in main bearing bores and repair thrust areas. We check the block height on all blocks we align bore to make sure that we maintain proper deck height and gear clearance. Additionally, we can repair cam shaft and balance shaft bushing bores. We do this either by re-sleeving the bores for a standard bushing or making or installing an oversized bushing. Our machinists can also install needle bearings and cam bores for performance applications.


We surface blocks in our Rottler block surfacer, which allows us to surface blocks up to 56" long and 26" inches high. This machine is also used to square deck and zero deck performance V8 and six cylinder blocks. Per customer instructions we can supply any piston protrusion or recession necessary.


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